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What's in the Sprockets Report?

The Sprockets Sprockets Report is a full mental analysis of a Candidate

An Sprockets Report is Sprockets' "Mental Makeup Analysis." Sprockets uses artificial intelligence and a science called psycholinguistics to create accurate and comprehensive assessments to help organizations build their best teams. 

A Personality Assessment

The personality assessment outlines the employee's needs, values, and characteristics. It briefly compares the individual's personal data to the Success Profile, provides information about their Survey (i.e. time to complete and word count) and their Sprockets Score.

Organization Comparison

Here, you can compare your applicant to other Success Profiles in the Location.

Sprockets Matrix

The Sprockets Success Profile that ‘scores’ all employees one through ten. It then compares the employee's score to other employees and the department's top performers.  The Sprockets Matrix is a great place to visually rank each of your Candidates' Sprockets scores.

Things To Look For

Sprockets learns the shared and distinct characteristics of a department's top performers when creating the Success Profile. We identify a few key success factors, specifically the top six characteristics for the Candidate.  These are the traits we feel the applicant would bring to your team, if you were to hire them.

Success Profile vs. Job Applicant

This graph highlights the similarities between the Candidate, and the rest of your Top Performers.  The black bars represent where the Candidate ranked on each individual Success Factor.

Gap Analysis

Sprockets identified the differences in mental makeup between the employee and the Success Profile.  The Gap Analysis is a great place to identify "gaps" in a Candidate's characteristics, when compared to your Top Performers' average.  The larger the bar, the bigger the gap.