Does Sprockets promote diversity?

Sprockets does not, and cannot discriminate.

Sprockets intakes no information about any Candidate's gender, race, nationality, age, religion or disability.  It is completely objective.  Sprockets’s technology has been specially designed to celebrate intellectual diversity.  When creating a position’s Success Profile, Sprockets identifies and assigned mathematical values to many behavior, needs, and values characteristics of your highest performing people. 

Sprockets’s complex algorithms knows which traits your high performers share and weights those heavily in the creation of the Success Profile.  It discounts those traits that individuals possess that are NOT shared by the whole of the group. They may be very important to their individual contribution to the company culture, however, are not shared by their fellow high performing co-workers.

A good example is an executive management team.  Most executive management teams are comprised of excellent leaders from a variety of disciplines within the business.  An example of a team might be a Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Engineering and Vice President of Operations.  Of course, this group would be very intellectually diverse.  I.e. an engineering executive and a sales executive normally have very different personalities.  This group, however, is a very high performing team.  Why?

What makes them great individual performers are their differences, but what makes them a high performance team, is what they have in common such as personal and professional values, personal and professional motivation, ethics, disposition towards people and teams, responsiveness to company leadership style, compatibility with other team members, etc.  All of these things are a result of the right combination of the traits Sprockets measures and identifies. Sprockets celebrates intellectual diversity; in fact, the more diverse the people in the Success Profile, the more precise the identification of shared characteristics, further improving the likelihood of success of new hires.