Does Word Count Affect the Sprockets Score?

Word Count Only Matters for the 120-Word Minimum

The Sprockets platform is equally as effective at determining mental makeup with the minimum of 120 words as it is with responses consisting of 400 to 600 words, which are more common. It is possible, however, that individuals who submit fewer words did so because they did not put adequate thought into their answers. This type of non-organic and potentially rushed response may result in slightly less accurate results than those that were given more thought.

NOTE: Those looking for work rarely blow off a mandatory pre-hire assessment. It is actually more common for top performers to submit less than 200 words than candidates. We recommend that you explain to your team why they are completing the test so they take the survey seriously and put their best foot forward. (It helps you hire more people they will enjoy working with, ultimately improving the culture and collaboration at your organization.)