Can I add a Sprockets link to my job description?

You can send the survey to your candidates via email, or you can add a URL to your job descriptions

Many customers use Sprockets as a "first screen" in their hiring process. Imagine knowing which of those 250 have the mental makeup to succeed in your culture before you spend time reviewing their resume or interviewing them! Sprockets makes this possible. 

When a candidate finds your job's description on a job board, they can complete the Sprockets up-front, while browsing for jobs.

To add the Sprockets survey to your job description: 

  1. Go to your Sprockets account
  2. Open the selected Success Profile
  3. Press the "Invite Candidates" tab
  4. Copy and paste the custom Sprockets URL into your job description

NOTE: It helps if you include some text around your Sprockets URL.  A job applicant will be more apt to clicking on a Survey link if they understand what they're being asked to do.