How to Export Sprockets Reports

Print, Download, and Share Your Reports

Sprockets Reports will help you determine if the candidate has a high likelihood of success in your company. It's a lot of information that we do not expect you to memorize! 

To make sharing Sprockets Reports easier, we've given you the ability to export them into offline formats. To do so:

Asset 1-1 Log in to Sprockets.
Asset 2-1 Select the success profile containing the candidate with the Sprockets Report that you would like to export.
3 Locate the candidate and click on their name to open a dropdown menu.
Asset 4-1 Click the Download Sprockets Report button from the dropdown menu.
Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 5.06.46 PM


Note: You will have the ability to save, share, or print the Sprockets Report from the PDF pop-up that appears. The file will be named after the applicant by default.