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What is a Sprockets Score?

How to make sense of your Sprockets data

Sprockets gives each participant a Score of 1-10, based on their similarity to the Success Profile's Top Performers. Each Sprockets Score is color-coded.  

  • Green: 9.0 - 10
  • Yellow: 5.0 - 8.9
  • Red: 0.0 - 4.9

Think of these Scores just like a stoplight: Green means "go".  This Candidate is sharing many, if not all, of the traits displayed by your Top Performers.  Red means "stop".  This applicant is not a match with your Top Performers, and likely won't act like them, either.  Yellow means "slow down".  This applicant is clearly sharing some traits with your Top Performers, and deserves review.

We encourage you to open the participant's Sprockets Report, for a thorough analysis on the applicant's mental make-up.