How to use Sprockets with Indeed

Sprockets works best through Indeed's messaging platform

“Candidate sourcing” platforms like Indeed are great solutions for finding people, but Sprockets is built specifically to make sure you hire the right ones. 

Indeed’s Message Templates allow employers to send a “Job Application: Next Steps” message to applicants with a few clicks of the mouse.

How to Create a Sprockets Message Template Within Indeed

Follow the steps below to quickly and easily get a position’s Sprockets Survey directly into the hands of new job applicants.

  1. Log into Indeed
  2. Click "Candidates" at the top of the page
  3. Navigate to a candidate and click on their name (it does not matter which candidate you select to do this)
  4. Click the blue “Message” button to open a chat window
  5. In that chat window, click “Templates”
  6. Click “Create a Template”
  7. Give the template a title. We suggest “Sprockets [position] Survey”
  8. Fill in the "Message" field. We suggest the following language:

    "Thank you for applying to [COMPANY NAME],

    To move forward in the interview process, we ask that you please complete a brief, three question assessment, available at the following link.  There is a minimum number of words required to complete and submit your assessment, so please think each answer through and respond clearly


    If you have any trouble submitting your answers, please use the assessment's Chat feature to speak directly with someone who can assist you.  Your responses are being recorded and reviewed, and this is a mandatory part of the application process.

    After this has been completed, we will be in touch regarding next steps.

    Thank you!"

  9. Click "Save"

How to Deliver a Sprockets Message Template within Indeed

Your Indeed account should now be set-up with a Message Template named "Sprockets [position] Survey" that you can send to applicants as they apply to your open position. Follow the steps outlined below for instructions on how to deliver those:
  1. Log into Indeed
  2. Click "Candidates" at the top of the page
  3. Navigate to the candidate you wish to contact and select “Message”
  4. Click “Templates”
  5. Choose "Sprockets [position] Survey"
  6. Send the message