How to Integrate Sprockets With JazzHR

Make Life Easier With a Seamless Connection Between the Two Platforms

Set up the Integration

Asset 1-1 Click Settings.
Asset 2-1 Click Integrations.
Asset 3 Scroll down to the Assessments section and look for Sprockets.
Asset 4-1 Click More Details.
Asset 5-1 Click Connect.
Asset 6 Enter your API token.
Asset 7 To locate your API Token, follow this link.
7 Click Save Credentials.


Send Sprockets Assessment from the Candidate Profile

Once you have Sprockets connected with JazzHR,  head to a candidate profile to start sending Sprockets assessments to candidates. From there: 

Asset 1-1 Click the Assessments tab.
Asset 2-1 Scroll down to the Sprockets section.
Asset 3 Click Send Sprockets.
Asset 4-1 Select a specific Sprockets test from the Select Test drop-down.
Asset 5-1 Enter a subject line and email body. Note that the link to the assessment will be appended to the bottom of the message.
Asset 6 Click Send Sprockets.

Send Sprockets

Add Sprockets Assessment as a Workflow Helper

Add Sprockets into your job-specific Workflow to automate blind candidate screening. To add Sprockets as a Workflow Helper:

Asset 1-1 Go to Jobs.
Asset 2-1 Select the Job on which you want to send a Sprockets assessment.
Asset 3 Click Edit Job.
Asset 4-1 Click the Workflow tab.
Asset 5-1 Find the stage on which you'd like the Sprockets assessment sent out.
Asset 6 Click Add.
7 Select Assessment from the drop-down.
8 Select the email template you'd like to be included with the Sprockets assessment.
9_1 Select a specific assessment from the Assessment to Send drop-down.
10 Click Add Assessment.

Note: This must be done at the job level. You will not be able to add a Sprockets Workflow Helper on a Workflow Template. Assessment Workflow Helpers are job-specific because Sprockets assessments are linked on a job-by-job basis.


Workflow One

Once you add any candidate(s) into this stage, you'll be prompted to send the Sprockets assessment.

Add Candidates

Candidates will receive invitations with a link to complete the assessment appended at the bottom.

View Sprockets Results

Once a candidate has completed the test, a summary of his/her results will be stored on the Assessments tab of the candidate profile.

Click View Details to view results.

View Details