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How to Archive Rejected Candidates

Rejected Candidates Can Be Hidden From Your Dashboard, Archiving Them for Later

Marking bad applicants as "Rejected" helps us learn more about you as an employer. 

Follow the steps below to migrate your rejected candidates to an archived page, freeing up space on your dashboard for other candidates.

  1. Log in to Sprockets.
  2. Select the Success Profile containing the candidate you would like to reject.
  3. Locate the candidate and click on their name to open a dropdown menu.
  4. From the Hiring Stage dropdown menu, set the Candidate's Hiring Stage as “Rejected."


Any Candidate that is labeled "Rejected" will automatically migrate to an archived page that's available by clicking on the "Rejected Candidates" button in the upper-right-hand corner of your dashboard.

From this page, rejected candidates' Sprockets Scores and Sprockets Reports can be reviewed as usual. If you would like to migrate a rejected candidate back to your dashboard, simply change their Hiring Stage to something other than "Rejected."