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How to Contact Candidates With In-App Messaging

Users can now have two-way communication with their candidates directly in the platform with an in-app messaging feature, eliminating the need to have back and forth in separate emails, phone calls, or different devices.

How to message candidates directly within the platform:

  1. Click on the candidate you'd like to contact directly.
  2. When inside their profile, you will see two options:
    1. Email Participant
    2. Message Participant
  3. Click Message Participant.
  4. A chat box will open with which you can message the candidate directly. They will receive the message as a text message.
  5. Candidates can reply directly through text, keeping the conversation in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which number is used to text the candidates from the platform?

  • A: At the moment, applicants receive the text messages from a random number generated from the platform.