Job Applicant Message Template

Reach out to your newest job applicants directly to ensure a timely submission of their Sprockets Surveys

While our platform allows Users to invite new job applicants via the dashboard, we find that candidates respond better (and faster) to an email or text message sent to them by the hiring manager.  Use the steps and helpful template below to invite new job applicants to complete their Survey.

  1. Compose a new email or text message
  2. Address the message to one or more job applicants
  3. Copy+paste the following text template into your message, using the appropriate Survey link:
Thank you for your application.

In order to move forward in the interview process, we would like you to complete a brief three-question survey, available at the link below, so that we can learn a little more about you.
There is a minimum number of words required to submit your Survey, and your responses are being recorded and reviewed, so please respond clearly.  Once this has been completed, we will be in touch regarding next steps.
Thank you,
NOTE:  Depending on your email/SMS software, you may be able to save the message above as a Template, allowing you to quickly and repeatedly send the same message to one or more candidates.