How to Manually Invite Top Performers

Reach out to Your Top Performers Directly to Ensure the Timely Submission of Their Sprockets Surveys

While our platform allows users to invite new top performers via the dashboard, we find that top performers respond better (and faster) to an email sent to them by their direct manager. Use the steps and helpful template below to invite your top performers to complete their initial surveys.

Asset 1-1 Compose a new email or text message.
Asset 2-1 Address the message to one or more top performers.
Asset 2-1

Copy and paste the following text template into your message, using the appropriate survey link:

"Thank you for being a great employee!

We are using a new hiring tool to help us hire more applicants with your attitude and work ethic. We’ve identified you as a top performer and ask that you please complete the following survey, which should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. There is a minimum number of words required to complete and submit your assessment, so please think each answer through and respond clearly.


If you have any trouble submitting your answers, please use the assessment's chat feature to speak directly with someone who can assist you.

Please aim to have this survey completed as soon as possible.

Thank you again!"

Once a top performer completes their survey, be sure to add them as a top performer so that you can include their success factors in your success profile moving forward.


NOTE:  Have the top performers' managers verbally mention to them to expect an incoming survey. Surveys typically only take around five to 10 minutes to complete.