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How to move a Candidate to another Success Profile

Easily move Candidates from one Success Profile to another

Do you have a Candidate who accidentally completed the wrong Survey? Or would you simply like to see how a Candidate compares to Top Performers in a different Success Profile? Follow the steps below to quickly and easily migrate a Candidate from one Success Profile to another.

  1. Login to Sprockets
  2. Select the Success Profile containing the Candidate you would like migrated
  3. Locate the Candidate and click on their name to open a dropdown menu
  4. Click the "Edit Position" button from the dropdown menu
  5. From the next page, click the box under "Select Position" to open a dropdown list of Positions for you to select from and move your Candidate to
  6. Press "Submit"

To move a Candidate back to their original Success Profile, simply follow steps 1-6 again.