How to use Sprockets with Paradox

You can easily implement Sprockets with your Paradox account

With Paradox, you can edit Olivia's line of questioning so that she will automatically send your Sprockets Survey out to your applicants while they are applying!

Input the Sprockets Survey link in the line of questioning that Olivia will ask applicants:

  1. Log into Paradox
  2. Press “Menu” on the side bar
  3. Press the “Settings” icon
  4. Click “Conversation Builder”
  5. Select a position and click directly on it to open it
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the "Global Screening" section and click "+" to add a question
  7. Name your question “Sprockets Survey”
  8. Modify the question chat bubble (remember, you're posing as Olivia here). We recommend the following language:

    Please take a moment to complete three quick questions for us so we can get to know you better:


    Your answers are being recorded and reviewed, so please take your time. Once this has been completed, please click "Yes" below.

  9. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner to open a drop down menu
  10.  From the drop-down menu, click "Edit Tool"
  11. On the "Select a Tool" page, choose "List Select", then click "Next"
  12. On the "List Select" page, trigger on the "Is this question required?" field, add "Yes" and "No" as List items, then click "Save"
  13. Click the blue “Publish” button to publish the question into Olivia’s line of questioning

    Olivia Will Now Ask Applicants to Take the Sprockets Survey

    Applicants who go through the preliminary questions, like "Can you please provide your first and last name?", "Can you please provide me with your mobile phone number?", etc. will also receive the Sprockets Survey.