How to use Sprockets with Workstream

With Workstream, you can create Automated Email and SMS Messages to send to your applicants.

How to Create Sprockets Automated Email and SMS Message Templates Within Workstream

  1. Log into Workstream
  2. Click "Positions" on the toolbar at the top of your screen
  3. Navigate to the Position you wish to create Automated Messages for and click the "Actions" button to open a dropdown menu
  4. Select the "Edit Position" option in the dropdown menu
  5. Under the "Hiring process" folder, click "Stages"
  6. Navigate to the "Automation" tab and trigger on both Email and SMS Messages, then click "Edit message"
  7. Complete the "Automated email template" tab
    1. Give the message a subject. We suggest “Application Received: Next Steps”
    2. Fill in the "Body" field. We suggest the following language:

      "Thank you for applying to [COMPANY NAME].

      To move forward in the interview process, we ask that you please complete a brief, three question assessment, available at the following link. There is a minimum number of words required to complete and submit your assessment, so please think each answer through and respond clearly.


      If you have any trouble submitting your answers, please use the assessment's Chat feature to speak directly with someone who can assist you. Your responses are being recorded and reviewed, and this is a mandatory part of the application process.

      After this has been completed, we will be in touch regarding next steps.

      Thank you!"
    3. Click the blue "Save email template" button
  8. Complete the "Automated SMS template" tab
    1. Fill in the "Message" field. We suggest the following language:

      "Thank you for applying to [COMPANY NAME]. We've received your application, and are ready to move forward in the interview process. To move forward, we'd like you to complete a quick, 3 question survey, available at the link below. This survey is designed for us to learn a little bit more about you as an applicant, and is a required step in the interview process. [INSERT SURVEY LINK HERE] Thank you."
    2. Click the blue "Save SMS template" button

How the Sprockets Message Templates Deliver with Workstream

Once an applicant submits their application via Workstream, they will immediately receive the Sprockets Survey (via the Email and SMS templates) to the email and phone number they provided on their application.