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How to Use Text Message Notifications

When a candidate applies, the GM (or whoever would like to receive notifications) gets a text message with the candidate’s score and phone number. The recipient can press the text which prompts the call command on the phone.

To Set Up Text Notifications:

  1. Click Account at the top navigation bar within your account.
  2. Make sure the phone number on your Account page is correct. If you have to make any changes to the number, make sure to click "Update Profile" once finished to save.
  3. Once you are settled with the number, click back to Account and then Survey Options.
  4. At the bottom of this section, you'll see a check box for "SMS Notifications" (text messages).
  5. Check this box to be notified through text. You can also be notified through email by selecting the "Email Notification" box.
  6. Set Notification Threshold - This allows you to choose (based on scores) which applicants you will receive notifications for. 
  7. Keep it at 0.0 to receive notification for all applicant submissions. However, if you only want to receive notifications for scores of 8.0 or higher, for example, input "8" as a value.
  8. Click "Update Survey Options" to save your settings and begin receiving notifications!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I need to use text notifications?
    • A: No, this is a completely optional feature.
  • Q: How do I opt out of notifications?
    • A: Simply head back into your Account page - Survey Options and uncheck the SMS notifications box. Then, click Update Survey Options to save settings and stop receiving text notifications.
  • Q: If I reply to the text, will the applicant receive my message?
    • A: No, the message is sent from the Sprockets system. The notification includes the applicant's number which you can click to call the applicant.