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How to build a Success Profile

Build your own benchmark

Sprockets works by comparing incoming job applicants to a mental profile, created by your Top Performing employees.  Wish you could clone that one employee?  Send them a Sprockets Survey!

In order to have your Top Performers establish your team's personal benchmark, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Sprockets
  2. Open the Success Profile that you'd like to invite people to
  3. Press the "Build Success Profile" tab at the top of your dashboard
  4. Enter the Email, Name, and (optional) Custom Email Text. 
  5. Once you press "Send Email Invitation", your Top Performer will receive an email with the Sprockets Survey (be sure to mention the Survey to your Top Performers, so that they'll know to expect it).

You will be alerted via email when each Top Performer completes their Survey.

That's it! Now that you have created a Sprockets Success Profile, you can continue to make great hires.