What Is a Top Performer?

Learn What It Means to Be a Top Performer in the Sprockets Platform

We define a top performer as one of the three best employees in a given position. These individuals should be rockstars you wish you could essentially "clone" to improve operations and productivity at your organization.

If there is any doubt that someone should be considered a top performer in the Sprockets platform, do not invite them. You should only invite employees to be top performers if you are confident they possess the core values and personality traits required to succeed at your company. (These characteristics are used to build success profiles and identify which future applicants you should hire at your company.)

A Top Performer regularly...

Asset 1-1 Delivers exceptional results.
Asset 2-1 Goes above and beyond.
Asset 3 Epitomizes your organization's values.

NOTE: We recommend having three top performers for each success profile, and they should all occupy the same position.