What Is Applicant Sharing?

What Is Applicant Sharing?

Sprockets can unlock the full potential of your applicant pool by seeing if someone is a good fit for another job or location even if they have a poor Match Score for the role they initially applied for. This functionality comes with our optional “Applicant Sharing” feature. Here’s how it works:

How Applicant Sharing Works

Note: Currently, only users with permissions of Owner or Admin can request this add-on, and a member of our customer success team must enable it for you.

Step 1: Log in to the Sprockets Platform

  • Go to hire.sprockets.ai and enter your login credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Dashboard

  • Upon logging in, look at the top of your Sprockets Dashboard and find the box that reads “Optimize Applicant Sharing.” 

Step 3: Send a Request to Customer Success

  • Click on “Get more info” within this blue box. This will send a notification to our customer success team that you’d like to enable Applicant Sharing. You should see a confirmation pop-up at the top of your screen that reads, “Customer success has been notified and will reach out to you shortly.”

Step 4: Turn the Feature On

  • Once our customer success team sets you up with Applicant Sharing, you can make sure it’s turned on by going to “Company Settings” and clicking on the “Notifications” tab. Here, make sure you have “Allow Sharing Applicants With Other Locations” toggled on. 


  • The Applicant Sharing feature in Sprockets will take low-scoring applicants, after they have become stale, and apply them to other locations within your account within 20 miles of the applicant's zip code. Notifications will be sent to the affected hiring managers. This allows you to maximize your applicant pool.
  • There are a few different ways to utilize Applicant Sharing. Discuss with your customer success manager whether you’d like to share applicants just within one location, across multiple locations, and/or across brands (if you have multiple).