What is Sprockets?

Get To Know Our Hiring Solution Designed for the Hourly Workforce.

Sprockets’ solution streamlines the hiring process and reduces costly employee turnover by identifying which applicants are the best fit for a business.

The Sprockets platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and over 80 years of psychological research to analyze the natural language of top-performing employees based on their answers to a three-question pre-employment survey. The analysis — what we call a success profile — generated shows employers what personality traits their best employees have in common. It also serves as a benchmark to compare the success of incoming applicants.

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After a success profile is created, the Sprockets survey can be sent to applicants. Sprockets' innovative system calculates a match score for each applicant compared to the success profile. Our simple red-yellow-green scoring system easily shows which applicants have the highest match score. The closer an applicant is to 10, the better fit they are for that particular position and location. High-scoring applicants will be more reliable, engaged, and retained longer.

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