What is Sprockets?

Get To Know Our Hiring Solution Designed for the Hourly Workforce.

Sprockets is an advanced hiring solution designed to help businesses hire the ideal hourly employees based on shared personality traits with their top performers. The platform works alongside any current system to boost applicant flow, improve employee retention, and fill open positions faster.

Key Features

  • Sourcing: Sprockets continuously sources and engages high-quality applicants from various job boards, ensuring you always have a community of interested candidates to select from.
  • Matching: Sprockets screens applicants and assigns them a Match Score from one to 10, indicating their likelihood to succeed.
  • Time-to-Hire: In real-time, both managers and applicants receive alerts when a “match” occurs, enabling them to set up an interview or send a message within seconds.
  • Reporting: Users can see important information about all their locations in one convenient dashboard, allowing them to track metrics and manage applicants with ease.
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How Does It Work?

Upon setting up your account, you can begin by posting jobs or importing existing ones. As applicants apply, Sprockets screens and scores them based on their responses to three pre-interview questions. You can then take various actions like setting up interviews, sending offers, or rejecting applicants based on these scores and other metrics provided by the platform.


Feel free to contact our customer success team if you encounter any issues or have questions about the platform.