Understanding Sprockets Fit Scores

In Sprockets, fit scores provide a nuanced understanding of each applicant's personality and suitability for a role. We compare the applicant to the top performers for that specific position. This article explains how to interpret these traits and utilize the additional guidance provided for hiring managers.

Personality Trait Spectrum

Sprockets uses descriptive words at each end of the spectrum to better articulate the trait. These are not simply good or bad variations. For example, if you're looking for a cautious employee, you might prefer someone described as “Careful.” On the other hand, if your location needs someone more daring, the lower end of the spectrum might be more suitable. In either case, the closer the applicant's traits align with the top performers, the better the match and the higher the fit score.


Guidance Based on Match Level

We offer customized guidance for hiring managers based on each applicant’s fit score.

Match Level



Send offer. We will provide guidance on how to secure a “yes” from your applicant.


15-minute interview. Tips will be provided for interviewing them.


30-minute interview. Tips will be provided on interviewing, this is a different version to be a bit more detailed


Phone screen before an interview. Tips will be provided that focus on areas they should be most concerned with when dealing with a poor match.

Interview Questions

To help you dive deeper during interviews, we suggest asking certain questions based on their fit score. These questions are selected from our database and have been vetted by human resources professionals.



By understanding and utilizing this feature in Sprockets, you can make more informed decisions throughout the hiring process, from screening applicants to conducting interviews.


For further assistance, please contact our customer success team.