Why Am I Taking This Pre-Interview?

Learn Why You Have Been Asked to Take the Sprockets Pre-Interview

Many businesses use the Sprockets pre-interview questions to get deeper insights into the mental makeup of applicants and employees. It uses artificial intelligence to eliminate human bias from the hiring process while determining which applicants are the best fit for the organization. Results are based solely on how your personality traits compare to the current top performers.

If you're a job seeker: You have been asked to answer these questions by the business to which you have recently applied to see how well you'd fit with the current team.

If you're a current employee: You have likely been asked to complete the Sprockets pre-interview questions to help them hire more people you’ll enjoy working with, ultimately improving the culture and atmosphere at your company. It only shows them key personality traits that make you successful and that they can look for in future applicants.

While the questions may seem unrelated to the role or industry, they have been designed to evoke your natural language which is analyzed by the Sprockets platform. There are no wrong answers, and your responses are never seen by the employer. Just be sure to meet the 120-word minimum across all three questions to properly submit the survey and move forward with the hiring process.