Why aren't my Participants receiving Sprockets Invitations?

Make sure to add Sprockets to your Contacts

Do you have participants reporting that they haven't received your Sprockets Invitations?

Email providers like Gmail and Outlook block certain emails to protect you from unwanted or malicious emails such as spam.  In this case, they are mistaking Sprockets emails as Spam.  Here is how to whitelist @sprockets.ai emails, so they will get through to your inbox!

If the following steps do not work, we recommend you speaking with your IT department. They will be able to "whitelist" our emails assuring that all correspondence is sent out appropriately. 

Add our default email address to your contacts.

Add noreply@sprockets.ai for example to your contacts. Email providers will deliver all email from addresses that are in your contacts.


Mark messages as "not spam"

  1. In Gmail, navigate to the spam folder
  2. Search for emails containing @sprockets.ai
  3. Select emails
  4. Click "More" and then "Not Spam"


Add Email Address to "Safe Senders"

  1. Click the cog icon in the top-right corner and then "More Mail Settings"
  2. Select "Safe and Blocked Senders" and then "Safe Senders"
  3. Add sprockets.ai to the list of "Safe Senders"