Why can't my applicant click the Submit button?

The most common reasons why someone would be unable to submit your Sprockets Survey.

Do you have an applicant telling you that they are unable to click the "Submit" button on your Sprockets Survey?  Ensure that each of the following has been done:

  1. All required fields and questions have been completed
    • Name, email, and all three Survey questions must be answered
  2. Email is formatted correctly
    • Applicant email addresses must meet the following format: user@emailaddress.com
  3. The 120 Word minimum has been met
    • The Sprockets Survey requires at least 120 words to be completed.  Survey responses that do not meet the 120 word minimum will not be submitted

Only when all of the above conditions have been met will the "Submit" button at the bottom of your Sprockets Survey activate.  

If an applicant has verified that each of the conditions above has been met, but are still unable to submit their Survey, have them reach out to Customer Success via the in-page Live Chat support tool.