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How To Use Sprockets With SmartRecruiters

Automatically Send the Sprockets Survey to Your Incoming Applicants via SmartRecruiters!

Step 1: Submit a ticket to the SmartRecruiters team by filling out this form.


Step 2: Answer questions one through eight with your organization's information.


Step 3: Select Candidate Management for question nine.


Step 4: Enter the following message for question ten:


Good afternoon, 


We would like to add a template to our account that is automatically delivered to incoming applicants at locations

Store number X

Store number X

Store number X  


Please have the URL in the template below hyperlinked.  


Automated Email Template for SmartRecruiters:  


“We have received your job application!

As part of the interview process, we ask that you please complete a brief, three-question survey. You can access the survey by clicking this link: [Insert Sprockets Link]. 

We really appreciate you taking the time to consider us in your job search. Please complete the survey, and we'll be reviewing the information you've provided us.

Thank you!”


Step 5: Reply to the email from SmartRecruiters confirming the changes.


Note: Follow these directions to find your customized Sprockets survey URL.