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How to Use Sprockets With Snagajob

Automatically Send Candidates the Sprockets Survey and Retrieve Past Applicants for Re-Engagement Campaigns.

Automate the Sprockets Survey:

Asset 1-1-1 Log in to Sprockets. Find the location you are hiring for and select Automated Survey Send.
  Snag Step 1
Asset 2-1-1 Copy the location email address.
  Snag Part 2
Asset 3

Log in to Snagajob. Select Settings on the top navigation bar, then select Users.


Snag Part 3

Asset 4-1

Select Create user.


Snag Part 4

Asset 5-1

Add "Sprockets" and "Survey" in the First Name and Last Name boxes. Paste the email address you copied from Sprockets in the Email Address box.


Snag Part 5

Asset 6

Select the role Location Manager and the specific location you'd like to automatically send the Sprockets survey. This way, any job you create within this location will already be set-up.

Note: Select All Locations if.....

To Retrieve Past Applicants for 

Asset 1-1-1 Log in to Snagajob.
Asset 2-1-1 Select Applicants in top navigation bar.
Asset 3 Select Download your applicant records.
Asset 4-1 Retrieve the csv file.
Asset 5-1 Proceed with the re-engagement process: How to Re-Engage Past Applicants.