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What happened to SENTIO?

New name, same mission.

On January 10, 2021, SENTIO became Sprockets.

While our name has changed, our commitment to you has not.  Change isn’t always easy, but this one is.  We want to assure our current customers that this doesn’t affect how you interact with our hiring platform.  You don’t need to do anything differently besides enjoy the new and improved look of our company.  Use our platform, as usual, to continue finding the right candidates for your team.  Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.  We’re always here to help, especially during transition. 

Please update your bookmarks and contact lists to include communication from our home page, sprockets.ai

Why "Sprockets"?

Have you ever really watched a relay race?  It’s a thing of beauty to see a group of athletes working together, seamlessly handing off to one another with perfect choreography, moving forward in tandem toward the same goal.  Like a relay athlete or a sprocket in a machine, the right employee joins colleagues to drive an organization forward in efficiency and harmony.

Simply put, Sprockets represents our mission more clearly.  SENTIO meant “to understand,” but we go far beyond understanding workplaces and candidates.  We determine if candidates will fit — and work harmoniously — with other coworkers, thrive in their unique environments, and stay long-term.